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Merrell & Honey Stinger Keep Runners Buzzing with New Trail Shoe Collaboration
The Agility Synthesis x Honey Stinger shoe features sustainable materials and a unique honeybee-inspired design. Read the rest
Honey Facts That Will Have You Falling In Love With Honey
Honey's a big deal at Honey Stinger. But it's more than just the delicious flavor that get's us jazzed! Learn 5 honey facts about why we love the tasty nectar. Read the rest
Spotlight: 3 Hive Athletes & Why They Train
From world record attempts to running to stay healthy, 3 Hive athletes, Michelle, Brian, and Andrew share the goals they're chasing in 2020. Read the rest
The Amazing Power of Honey
Beekeeper, honey farmer, and educator Sarah Red-Laird shares how bees make honey and why it's the perfect fuel for athletes. Read the rest
Courtney Dauwalter’s FKT Attempt of the Colorado Trail
Courtney Dauwalter gives us an inside look at her high country run to attempt the fastest known time on the Colorado Trail. Read the rest