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Two is Better Than One: The Perks of Having a Fitness Buddy

Having someone to share your fitness goals and journey with makes training and competing much more enjoyable.   Ashley and Katie competed against each other throughout high school and college. Years after, they reconnected and started running together, ultimately becoming running buddies. These two women share their story of how they became the perfect fitness buddies, even while living in different states, and why they value the support they receive from each other.

How did the two of you meet and become fitness buddies?

We met running against each other in high school in Rhode Island. It’s such a small state, you see your competition various times throughout the season. We were friendly, but not close through high school and even competing in college. We both ran in the Big East (at the time) with Ashley at Providence and Katie at Boston College.
Eight years after college, Ashley found herself moving to Georgia where Katie was living. We reconnected, became running buddies, and decided to run Boston together. 

When Ashley moved back to Boston, we chose to stay “virtual” running partners, which we’ve been for the last 6 or so years. Two years ago, we decided to share our running journey with the running community on Instagram.

In what ways do you find having a running partner or fitness buddy helpful?

Running partners and fitness buddies help hold you accountable. It’s someone to celebrate the highs with, but also support you through your lows. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t talk about our running. 

We help each other stay motivated in our shared end goal to end up at the 2020 Olympic Trials. It’s through these daily conversations, whether over text or phone that we hold each other accountable. When we are injured or need to take a few days off, we look to the other person to keep our spirits up and remind us its just a temporary road block. Instagram also helps with that. There is a whole community out there that wants to see you succeed.

We felt we could bring a unique perspective to a fitness buddy since we are remote. Just because you aren’t physically doing the work together, doesn’t mean you can’t “train” together. Sometimes we are training for the same races and other times we aren’t, but our goals are the same: Always to keep improving. We even do our strength work remote because we both do Barry’s Bootcamp double floor.

What advice do you have for choosing a fitness buddies?

Choosing a fitness buddy is someone that you trust and respect. You’re going to have ups and downs while giving the support and receiving the support. We think it’s helpful that we both have the same end goal and run similar paces. Its easy to motivate someone else when you are doing the same thing.

Running is as isolating or as social as you want it to be. With running partners and friends, you never have to make it feel isolated. Throughout our running journey these friendships have elevated our running to the next level.

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