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Tips and Tricks to Crush your 2020 Goals

2020 brings a fresh start for goals and resolutions.  Hive Gold athlete, 7 summiteer, and explorer Kim Hess has set some big goals over the years.  Kim shares tips and tricks on how you can tackle your resolutions and crush your 2020 goals:

Set Yourself Up For Success
Know Your WHY

The reason WHY is arguably the most important piece of planning anything big. If you don’t have the “why,” then  pushing through setbacks and tough days seem impossible.  I use my sticky note trick to keep my goals front of mind and so I can easily refer back to them.

Remembering WHY you started pursuing your dream in the first place helps you get through the lows. I felt like quitting every time I had a miserable freezing cold 2 a.m. alpine start on mountains, when I broke my arm descending Denali, when I survived a 7.8 earthquake at 21,000 ft on Everest, and when a potential sponsor literally laughed in my face and told me NO. Reasons to quit will always be numerous and frequent.  When your reason to keep pursuing your “why” is clear, you’ll keep going, and crush your 2020 goals! 

Overcome When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed
Persevere Through Challenges, Plateaus, and Frustrations
Go From Good to Great!

Believe in yourself. YOU are the only limiting force in your life – go for it!

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