The Perfect Fuel for Your Favorite Athlete

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite athlete?  We compiled a list of Honey Stinger recommended fuel for different sports, so you can help fuel the athlete in your life.  We also spoke with Hive athletes about how they stay fueled during competitions and training.


🐝 Recommended Honey Stinger fuel for Runners: Waffles

Waffles fuel my early morning runs and sit so well in my stomach giving me energy to crank out the miles. My husband loves them as a pick-me up on the way home from work before his evening runs, and my toddler has a limit of two per day or else he would eat nothing else. When racing, my go-to for years has been coffee and a Honey Stinger Waffle 2-3 hours before the start.

 – Neely Gracey, Professional Road Runner
Favorite Honey Stinger fuel: Caramel Waffles


🐝 Recommended Honey Stinger fuel for Volleyball Players: Organic Energy Chews

For beach volleyball, it’s important to have proper hydration and nutrition for the days leading up to our competitions.  Competition means 2 – 6 1-hour-long matches in one day, in the summer heat, for three to four days in a row.  Only fueling the day of is too late!  We drink plenty of water leading up to the competition as well as prepare our body with plenty of healthy carbohydrates and fats so we have the energy to compete.  Our intention is for our bodies feel energized the day of the tournament because of the fueling we’ve been doing all week.

Our pre-tournament week fueling usually includes: Honey Stinger, lots of breakfast oatmeal, starchy vegetables like potatoes, carbohydrates like rice or whole-grain pasta, and proteins like chicken or fish cooked in healthy fats (butter, coconut oil, etc). 

Competition day is all about maintaining energy levels without feeling too full.  We stick to simple sources of energy that our body can convert easily, and eat small but consistent meals throughout the day.  This looks like having a small snack, like a Honey Stinger waffle and a piece of fruit, 30-45 minutes before the match. We also love the energy chews at tournaments because they are super convenient and obviously very tasty!  Immediately after the match we have protein and fruit, lots of water, and electrolytes. 

Kim & Sarah, Professional Beach Volleyball Team
Favorite Honey Stinger fuel: Waffles


🐝 Recommended Honey Stinger fuel for Cyclists: Gluten Free or Traditional Waffles

When I’m training and racing, I eat a mix of waffles, chews, and gels. I like the waffles the best, but if the ride or race is high intensity, it’s easier to shove in a handful of chews or suck down a gel. My stomach never has any trouble digesting those, no matter how hard I’m working. Since I train very early in the morning before breakfast, I start my day with a Cracker Bar as my pre-ride fuel. Then I have another Cracker Bar later in the day as a sweet snack.  It’s nice to have a way to satisfy a sweet craving without eating anything too fake and ‘junky’.

Fueling while training has been a challenge for me in the past because I’ve struggled with an eating disorder.  I’ve had periods when I trained without eating enough because it felt like cutting back on calories on the bike was a good way to burn more and lose weight. But ultimately that never worked. I performed poorly, struggled to hit my numbers, felt terrible for many of my rides and bonked often, and never got any leaner.

Photo: SnowyMountain Photography

Now my coach has me eating 200-250 calories an hour on every training ride and working under the philosophy that I should never end a ride hungry, ready to raid the refrigerator. Having very clear and specific guidelines works for me because then it’s just math: figure out how long the ride is and how many calories I must eat. I don’t have to think about it beyond that. The only decision is what I use to make up those calories, and sometimes deciding to eat even more because I’m now able to respect that if my body is hungry, there’s a reason and I should listen. I never want to fail in a race or training session because of something preventable like having enough fuel.

Lindsay Goldman, Professional Cyclist
Favorite Honey Stinger fuel: Organic Cracker Bar


🐝 Recommended Honey Stinger fuel for Soccer Players: Organic Energy Gels

For me, fueling up for a game all comes down to timing. Two days before I really focus on my hydration, make sure I’m on top of my water/ coconut water. The night before I like to add some carbs. Being a paleo athlete, I don’t eat carbs throughout the week so I’ll introduce some sweet potato the night before and the morning of. On game day I don’t like to eat much. I keep it to sweet potato in the morning with some fruit or a smoothie. An hour before game time is when I reach for my honey stinger energy gel to get that last little bit of quick carbs and a boost of caffeine. I’ll finish by taking another gel at half time to replenish.

– Cam Vickers, Soccer Player
Favorite Honey Stinger fuel: Energy Gels

Cross Training

🐝 Recommended Honey Stinger fuel for Cross Trainers: Protein Bars

I use Honey Stinger waffles, protein bars, and the energy chews while training and competing.

In the morning before I train, I eat a Honey Stinger waffle (lemon is my favorite at the moment). I eat Honey Stinger energy chews about 10 minutes before beginning my workout. I eat half the pack at that time. Halfway through the workout, I will eat the remaining energy chews. The energy chews provide sustained energy to finish my workout strong and power through! After my workout, I eat a Honey Stinger Protein Bar to refuel (Peanut Butta!). I sometimes eat another waffle, depending on the intensity of my training that day. On race days, I follow the same routine with my Honey Stingers!

Antwun Baker, Fitness Trainer
Favorite Honey Stinger fuel: Lemon Waffle

Obstacle Course Racing

🐝 Recommended Honey Stinger fuel for OCR Athletes: Organic Energy Gels

My Honey Stinger products of choice for training and competing are the Gold Gels, Honey Waffles, and Strawberry Energy chews. For Ultra distances and post-training recovery, I enjoy the Peanut Butta Protein Bars. Honey Stinger products are delicious, made with real ingredients, are easy on my stomach, and are provided in packaging that can withstand the water and mud of obstacle course racing.

My fueling strategy depends on the duration of my event. For events between 30-60 minutes, I generally consume 1 – 2 Honey Stinger Gold Gels at approximately 30 minutes and again at 45 minutes. For events between one and two hours, I generally add a Waffle or pack of Energy Chews into the second hour of competition, and another gel. If I am participating in a training run or race in excess of 2 hours, my general rule of thumb is to consume between 200-300 calories per hour, or one Gel and one Waffle (or pack of Energy Chews) per hour. For my obstacle course races and training runs that are longer than 15 miles, I add one Peanut Butta Honey Stinger Protein Bars per 5 miles to replenish my body’s supply of protein.

Rachel Watters, Obstacle Course Racing
Favorite Honey Stinger fuel: Gold Energy Gel