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Shoulder and Core Circuit with Pro Paddler Sage Donnelly

Hive Gold athlete Sage Donnelly is a competitive paddler in whitewater canoe and kayak slalom, freestyle and creek kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding. She started competing seriously when she was seven and currently competes on US National teams as an Olympic hopeful. The full-body demands of paddling require exceptional core and arm strength, and this workout hits your core and arms with no equipment required.


Sage says, “This is a shoulder and core circuit. I do each workout for a minute except the one arm handstand hold I do for 30 seconds. 3-5 sets of this is a real workout!”

1 Minute Each, 3-5 sets

*visual examples below*

Hand Walk-outs

Lying Leg Lifts

High Side Plank Thread

Up-Down Plank

For an extra challenge

One-Arm Wall Handstand (30 seconds)

Wall Handstand Arm Circles

1. Hand walk-outs
2. Lying Leg Lifts
3. High Side Plank Thread
4. Up-Down Plank