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Honey Stinger Launches “Hive Life” Podcast Featuring Host David Willey

We are proud to introduce “Hive Life,” a new podcast hosted by former Runner’s World editor-in-chief, David Willey. “Hive Life” will tell stories of triumph, adversity and growth through insightful interviews with athletes ranging from top-tier cyclists and swimmers to mountaineers and marathoners – both within Honey Stinger’s “Hive” ambassador community and beyond. “Hive Life” will also feature live episodes recorded on location at major sporting events such as the New York City Marathon, and a fun, fast-moving roundup of sports news and trends.

In addition to his tenure as an editor at Runner’s World, Willey helped launch two podcasts: “The Runner’s World Show,” a weekly mix of news, interviews and field segments; and “Human Race,” a biweekly show focused on a single deeply reported story each episode. Willey has conducted in-depth interviews with a range of guests, including Shalane Flanagan, Dean Karnazes and Amelia Boone, and was the subject of the popular “Moonshot” series, in which he attempted, after a decade of futility, to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Produced in Studio 96 at Factory LLC, “Hive Life” will stand apart by exploring the commonality of sport—the idea that all athletes, regardless of their level of ability or sport of choice, can inspire and learn from one another. “Hive Life” listeners will learn how ultra-runners, climbers and skiers have a lot to offer to wide receivers, power forwards and shortstops — and vice versa. The show will also reveal athletes’ best advice on nutrition, training, mental toughness and other essential topics. In one of the podcast’s signature segments, Willey will be using customized recording gear to interview athletes while they run, ride, climb or train together, creating a uniquely intimate and immersive experience for listeners.

The first episode of “Hive Life” is now available to download for free on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, and can also be streamed at The episode features interviews with professional road runner and new mom Neely Gracey, and Honey Stinger’s Hive Program Manager Katie Black. New episodes of “Hive Life” will launch bi-weekly throughout the year.