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Honey Stinger Adds TCS New York City Marathon and More to Partnered Events

We are proudly announcing our multi-year partnership with New York Road Runners (NYRR), the world’s premier community running organization. Honey Stinger will be the Official Energy Gel of NYRR. Energy gels are a popular staple among long-distance runners to help fuel muscles and replenish carbohydrates.

As NYRR’s Official Energy Gel partner, we will have significant onsite presence at NYRR’s premier events and races including the TCS New York City Marathon, TCS New York City Marathon Training Series (10M, 12M, 18M), United Airlines NYC Half, Popular® Brooklyn Half, NYRR Staten Island Half, and NYRR Fred Lebow Half-Marathon. We will utilize NYRR events to execute onsite sampling of its full lineup of Organic Energy Gels, including caffeinated varieties across six flavors. Our specialized, honey-based formula combines multiple carbohydrate sources that work together to provide sustained energy, and also provides key antioxidants and electrolytes.

“This partnership provides an invaluable opportunity to connect our passionate community with natural products that enhance our runners’ experience,” said Christine Burke, vice president of strategic partnerships and runner products, NYRR. “We are thrilled to welcome Honey Stinger to our New York Road Runners family.”

As part of the partnership, there will be course incorporation with a Honey Stinger Gel Zone at premier events and races. The Honey Stinger Gel Zone at the TCS New York City Marathon will be located on 1st Avenue between miles 16 and 19. Additionally, the brand will receive prominent exposure through comprehensive marketing and digital integration leading up to and during events.

“It is an honor for us to partner with NYRR as the organization’s Official Energy Gel, and to play a significant role in their prestigious series of events,” said Rich Hager, co-owner of Honey Stinger. “We are excited to be able to provide runners with access to our Organic Energy Gels, as well as our Organic Waffles and Organic Energy Chews, to help bolster their experience both on and off the course.”

In addition to events, Honey Stinger will have year-round opportunities through the partnership, including programming at the NYRR RUNCENTER, NYRR’s main hub for the running community that showcases the latest in education, training, and innovation. Throughout the year, sampling of Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gel will be available at NYRR Group Training, weekly sessions that take place in all five boroughs. For more information please visit

About New York Road Runners (NYRR)

NYRR’s mission is to help and inspire people through running. Since 1958, New York Road Runners has grown from a local running club to the world’s premier community running organization. NYRR’s commitment to New York City’s five boroughs features races, community events, free youth running initiatives and school programs, the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the New Balance Run Hub, and training resources that provide hundreds of thousands of people each year, from children to seniors, with the motivation, know-how, and opportunity to Run for Life. NYRR’s premier event, and the largest marathon in the world, is the TCS New York City Marathon. Held annually on the first Sunday in November, the race features 50,000 runners, from the world’s top professional athletes to a vast range of competitive, recreational, and charity runners. To learn more, visit