Episode 3

Stacy McAllister

Our first on-the-run interview with host David Willey and former competitive figure skater and new ultra-runner Stacy McAllister talking about her evolution as an athlete and how her grandfather continues to inspire her to challenge herself with ambitious goals

Our first on-the-run interview with Hive athlete Stacy McAllister, a former competitive figure skater who turned to running after her grandfather died of complications from multiple sclerosis, has surprised herself by taking on a half-marathon, then a marathon, and then ultras. Stacy and Hive Life host David Willey did a five-mile run together in Steamboat Springs in March, and thanks to an innovative recording setup, listeners are invited to join them, almost as though they’re running in their (audible) footsteps. As so often happens when runners get out onto the roads or trails together, they had a great conversation that will be relatable to other athletes. Topics covered include the inspiration to pick up a new sport, what we learn about ourselves by struggling and persevering, the surprising joy that comes from setting and achieving ambitious goals, the difficulties of overcoming an injury, the importance of fueling properly, and the rewards of joining the Hive.

The Hive is our athlete ambassador program designed to provide support and community for athletes and adventurers of all types. Regardless of sport or competition level, we believe all Hive athletes display motivation and enthusiasm while personifying Honey Stinger through their daily lives, sports and community. Hive athletes care about their nutrition and have a desire to represent Honey Stinger’s mission and values. Most importantly, Hive athletes enjoy using Honey Stinger products to fuel their adventures!

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