Episode 1

Neely Gracey

Neely Gracey and her plans for 2020 Olympic Marathon trials post-pregnancy as well as Fuel School and interview with Hive coordinator Katie Black

The pilot episode features an interview with pro marathoner, Hive Gold athlete and new mom Neely Gracey, who had her first child, a son named Athens, this past July. In 2016, she won two half-marathons and finished as the top American at the Boston Marathon. Gracey had planned to run through her pregnancy but ended up having to take six-months off from running, which she found to be surprisingly difficult and disorienting. She talks openly about her struggles and how she overcame them, and also about her post-pregnancy comeback, how being a working mom has changed her approach to just about everything, and how great it feels to be an athlete again. A second segment, called “Fuel School,” shares nutrition strategies for before, during and after a big race from several half-marathoners from the Hive. There’s also a conversation with Katie Black, who manages the Hive, explaining how the community works and what makes it so special.

The Hive is our athlete ambassador program designed to provide support and community for athletes and adventurers of all types. Regardless of sport or competition level, we believe all Hive athletes display motivation and enthusiasm while personifying Honey Stinger through their daily lives, sports and community. Hive athletes care about their nutrition and have a desire to represent Honey Stinger’s mission and values. Most importantly, Hive athletes enjoy using Honey Stinger products to fuel their adventures!

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