Episode 12

Pole Vaulter Katie Nageotte

Pole-vaulters are among the most remarkable athletes in the world. Two-time National Champion, Katie Nageotte stands as one of the best in the sport today. She opens up about her career ups and downs, the difference between fake and real confidence, and why her sport is so hard but very rewarding and even addictive.

Hive Gold athlete Katie Nageotte is one of the best pole vaulters in the world. She is a two-time national champion, with a PR of 16’ 1 ¼” which she set at the US Indoor Nationals last year. It remains the fifth-highest vault ever, and only one woman has gone higher since.

Competing in high school and college, Katie turned pro in 2013. She lives and trains outside of Atlanta where she is coached by Brad Walker, who previously held the world record (just under 20 feet at the time) in 2008.

Katie and David Willey talked in mid-September, the day she got home from a month-long Diamond League tour around Europe, and a few days before she got back on a plane to Doha, Qatar, where she’ll be competing at the IAAF Track & Field World Championships. The two talk about her college-years ups and downs, and about the difference between fake and real confidence. Katie touches on what makes this sport so hard, but also so rewarding, and even addictive.

Even if you’ll never touch a pole or watch a vault, you’ll learn a lot about how to do very difficult things by breaking them down. And you’ll absolutely come away with an appreciation for these athletes and the supremely difficult event they excel in.

Stay tuned after Katie’s interview to celebrate National Honey Month.  We deep dive into nature’s ideal performance fuel: honey. David Willey also sat down with Kayla Martin, the Director for Performance Nutrition at Penn State University. Kayla works with hundreds of athletes who compete in a range of sports.  Se knows as much as anyone about why honey is such an ideal fuel for athletes.


Photo below: Drue Wolfe

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