Episode 11

Marathoner Jared Ward

Olympic marathoner Jared Ward is gearing up the TCS New York City Marathon in November and the Olympic trials in February.  His conversation with host David Willey is packed with tips and wisdom for optimizing nutrition, training and pacing.

It’s marathon season and Olympic marathoner, Jared Ward, is in full training mode for what will be a huge year of racing. Jared is racing in the upcoming TCS New York City Marathon in November, followed by the Olympic Trials in February to earn his spot in the Tokyo Games next summer.

After a string of set-backs, last year, Jared taped a goal to a mirror at home: run a 2:09. Jared achieved this goal earlier this year during the Boston Marathon running a time of 2:09:25 (a new personal best).  This time gave him the third-fastest qualifying time so far for the upcoming Olympic Trials.

At 31, Jared has ran 8 marathons in the last 6 years.  He’s learned more about the distance than many runners take in over a lifetime. Known for his mental game, he shares some of his secrets, including “the focus funnel” and how to reframe your mindset away from pointless comparisons with others toward your own best effort in the moment.

This episode also includes Part 2 of our RAGBRAI interviews. Isaac, Honey Stinger’s on-the-ground team member, picks things up on Day 5 and makes his way to the End Town of Keouck.

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