Episode 17

Ultra Runner Courtney Dauwalter

Hive Gold athlete and ultrarunner, Courtney Dauwalter sits down with host David Willey a few weeks after the 24-Hour World Championships in Albi, France.  They talk about her injury, how she got through the race and what she’s learned from her “wake up call.”

Courtney Dauwalter is known for her mental fortitude and ability to withstand discomfort. She ran her first ultra marathon, a 50K, in 2011 and won it. Since then, she has finished more than 60 other ultras, winning more than half of them. Before embarking on a full-time running career, she was a middle school science teacher in Denver.  She remains refreshingly humble, relentlessly positive, and authentically herself.

The pair take listeners on a journey through Courtney’s unorthodox training methods and how she fuels herself for her extreme efforts. Courtney also highlights what she loves so much about the demanding, transcendent sport of ultra running.

Even if running’s not your sport, you will come away with a new way to think about your own limits, and how to overcome them.

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