Episode 4

Bill Gamber & Rich Hager

Honey Stinger co-owners Bill Gamber and Rich Hager reflect on the company’s early days as a seat-of-the-pants startup and share why their own athletic lives and ambitions are such a key part of Honey Stinger’s DNA

Episode 4 features an interview with two of Honey Stinger’s founders, Bill Gamber and Rich Hager. While being entrepreneurs and business partners, Bill and Rich are also dedicated athletes and adventurers, just like their customers. Competing in triathlons together, a key moment in their early attempts to get Honey Stinger off the ground came at Ironman in Kona where they made honey-based smoothies for competitors.  From that point of view, the two wanted to make products that they believed other athletes wanted and needed: a healthier, more natural source of energy that tasted good.

In 2001, they built Honey Stinger on that foundation, which still guides the business and its culture today.

Honey Stinger’s origin story encompasses several other companies that make it unique: a honey-based food company started in Pennsylvania by Bill’s grandparents in 1954, an apparel company Bill started while in college and Big Agnes, Honey Stinger’s sister company that makes high-end tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear. These start-ups all played an important role in Honey Stinger’s success.

Fuel School is back! In our second segment, Hive athletes share their nutrition strategies for before, during and after the Popular Brooklyn Half.

The Hive is our athlete ambassador program designed to provide support and community for athletes and adventurers of all types. Regardless of sport or competition level, we believe all Hive athletes display motivation and enthusiasm while personifying Honey Stinger through their daily lives, sports and community. Hive athletes care about their nutrition and have a desire to represent Honey Stinger’s mission and values. Most importantly, Hive athletes enjoy using Honey Stinger products to fuel their adventures!

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