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Get to Know Trek CX Collective Athletes, Travis and Julie

We caught up with Travis and Julie Saeler, members of the Trek CX Collective team. Travis and Julie share how they got into the sport of cycling, and what keeps them going.


Travis and Julie Saeler

Where is home?

Western Pennsylvania

What is your primary sport?

Cycling – Cyclocross racing and mountain biking

How long have you been enjoying this sport?

J: Cyclocross for 9 years and mountain biking for 6. I tried cyclocross racing after retiring from triathlons. Initially I was scared to death, I had no off-road skills, but I made a decision from that point on to try something every year that scares me. For mountain biking, meeting my husband at a mountain bike demo six years ago changed my life. He took me riding every weekend, sacrificing his own ride time to teach me off-road skills. I am forever grateful as it’s changed my life for the better.

T: In my early 30’s, I felt like I needed to exercise. I bought a whitewater kayak and a mountain bike. Within a month, I sold the kayak and bought two more bikes. That was 18 years ago.

Why do you race/compete? What drives you to do what you do?

 J: Personally, I race for the adrenaline high that comes from pushing your body to be it’s best, the increased confidence and self-esteem, and decreased negative self-talk. Socially, for the camaraderie and community built around the local racing scene brings families together week after week. I call it church for athletes.

What is your favorite place or race you have ever trained or competed and why?

T: My favorite training place currently is Rothrock State Forest near State College, PA. One of my favorite races was the Chequamegon 40 because it was a 40 mile mountain bike race that average almost 20 mph. My favorite training place changes often.

Is there a person or athlete you look up to?

J: Ellen Noble for her incredible 2019 season and jumping the barriers, Evie Richards for being an overall sweetheart and bad-ass rolled into one, and Jolanda Neff for her consistency in the sport, ability to maintain focus on the job, and being an overall stellar individual.

T: Anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

J: Selfishly, I would love to be a dog! More holistically, being a BEE of course! To help with pollination and contribute to the world’s food sources!

T: A quokka because it’s noted to be the happiest animal on the planet.

Do you have any habits, routines, or superstitions?

J: Just the need to take care of a sensitive gut before racing, and appropriately warming up so that I don’t experience gut pain when racing.

T: Meticulously cleaning my bikes.

Best recovery tip?

J: Feed your muscles! Eat simple, whole foods as much as possible and balance your food groups/nutrients. Find what works for you-don’t go off of what works for others and never try something new or off routine the day of the race. Always practice first in training.

Favorite Honey Stinger products and flavors?

J: Just one?! The Fruit Smoothie Chews and the Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Cracker ‘N Nut Butter Bar.

T: Cherry Cola Energy Chews

How did you hear about Honey Stinger?

J: I’ve been using Honey Stinger for years! Many local bike and running shops carry Honey Stinger, and having them as a sponsor has allowed me to rely on them even more for my fueling needs.

T: From our local bike shop and friends when I started riding. First palatable energy chew I ever tried.

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