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Announcing Hive Gold Program for 2019

We are pleased to announce our new elite athlete program for 2019: Hive Gold.

Expanding on our already extensive “Hive” sponsorship programs, Honey Stinger created Hive Gold to provide additional support to its most distinguished athlete partners who are pursuing athletics at the highest level.

“We are thrilled to continue building on our deep, long-standing commitment to supporting athletes with the addition of our Hive Gold program this year,” said Katie Black, Honey Stinger’s sponsorship coordinator. “We understand just how much it takes – and how much these athletes are investing – to compete at the top of their respective sports, and we are honored to be able to provide them with reliable, great-tasting nutrition to enable them to perform at their best, as well as additional resources to assist them in reaching their goals.”

Stacked with top competitors across a variety of disciplines from ultra running to kayaking to wrestling, the 2019 squad consists of elite athletes who will be fueling with and representing Honey Stinger this year as their official nutrition partner through training, racing and recovery.

2019 Hive Gold roster:

Carefully selected based on a multitude of criteria, Hive Gold athletes are top performers in their sport, demonstrate strong commitment to their athletic communities and possess distinct qualities and values that make them exceptional ambassadors for the Honey Stinger brand.

Photo: Paul Nelson