Hive Spotlight

Devin Everett: Living Life to the Fullest

For over a year Devin has been traveling full time, filling her time her favorite hobbies climbing, cycling, and yoga.  She recently completed her first thru hike, the Appalachian Trail.  Devin shares with us how she got into each of her sports, why she loves them, and more.

Photo by Mike Maney

Where is home base?
Doylestown, PA, but I have been traveling since September 2017

What is your profession?
Before traveling full time, I worked for Johnson and Johnson and taught yoga. I’m still teaching occasionally but mainly finding odd jobs here and there.

What is your main sport or activity?
Rock climbing, yoga and cycling

How did you get into the sport and how many years have you been participating?
Three years ago my little brother invited me to the local rock gym. I’ve been hooked ever since.   I started cycling around the same time and joined a Women Bike Doylestown cycling club, going for weekly rides with the ladies. Yoga, which brings me an immense amount of joy, I’ve been doing since I was in my early teens with my mom, and started teaching in 2015.

What drives you to do what you do?
I enjoy challenging myself and seeing what my mind and body are capable of. I also love surrounding myself with like-minded people. I am trying to live to the fullest and adventuring allows me to do just that. On the journey, I try to spread happiness and positive energy.

Favorite place your sport has brought you to?
My favorite spot I have ever climbed was in Krabi, Thailand. My sister came with me and we spent the day finding climbs with endless view of the ocean and giant rock formations.

What has been your scariest experience in your sport/s?
I was climbing in Pennsylvania and when lowering me, my friend thought I was on the ground, but I had about 5 feet to go. I ended up landing on my back and my head whip lashed into the rock below. I sat up and thought I was okay until I felt liquid running down my neck. I ended up with 2 staples and a concussion. I learned the valuable lesson that communication is key and always wear your helmet.

Photo by Stephen Martin

Greatest personal accomplishment, in your sport or in life?
Thru hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Place or event on your bucket list and why?
The PCT – I am hooked on thru hiking. The people you meet, the physical and mental challenge, the views and fresh air; it’s the greatest time I have ever had.

What piece of advice do you have for fueling?
When I was hiking, I could feel when my body was starting to fatigue and after some time, it was consistently every 90 minutes that I needed some fuel. I mostly ate the Honey Stinger waffles but loved the chews as well.

Favorite Honey Stinger product and flavor?
Chocolate mint gluten free waffles

Person or athlete you look up to and why?
I admire my climbing friends and love them for the encouragement and support they offer. Also, Liz Wycoff is a remarkable woman and I aspire to live a life as beautiful and full as hers.

Favorite quote, saying, or mantra?
Find the beauty in life, and if you cannot find it, create it.

Favorite non sport-related hobby and why?
I love to make candles and cook. I find both allow me to express my creative side and enjoy a moving meditation of sorts. Plus, it’s nice to share the final product with friends and family.

What is your absolute favorite meal and/or food splurge?
I LOVE kombucha and actually started making my own a few years ago.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Teleport! There are so many places I would love to visit and it would be super convenient to get there in a flash.

Hey, I’m Devin. If I’m not crafting or cooking, I’m pining for adventure and smiling faces. I love to move my body and am happiest climbing, cycling or practicing yoga. Traveling to discover new perspectives in wild places makes my soul shine. I am eager to spread joy and share a smile. Mindfully living my best life and encouraging other to do the same.

Keep up with Devin:
Instagram @devineverettyoga