Hive Spotlight

Get to Know Paddleboard Racer Trey Balding

We caught up with Hive athlete Trey Balding and learned about his passion of Prone Paddleboard racing.

Trey Balding

Where is home base:
Honolulu, Hawaii

What is your main sport?
Prone Paddleboard (Stock) Racing

What is Prone Paddleboard Racing?
The two categories in paddleboard racing are Stand-Up and Prone, with two subcategories for each: Unlimited (with a rudder) and Stock (without a rudder). Prone Paddleboard is done lying down on the board, using the arms to propel you through the water. The distances of races vary from shorter to longer, with the longest being Molokai2Oahu, a 32-mile channel between Molokai island to Oahu island. Longer race courses vary year to year based on currents, tides, and winds. Knowing the tides and currents help racers’ speeds because they can let the ocean do the work for them.

How did you get into the sport and how many years have you been participating?
I started to train for surfing and fell in love with it, then I began racing and started to get top results at most races. I’ve been racing for 8 years now.

Why do you race/compete?
I paddle because I always find a new path in the ocean. I compete against myself to break my own personal records and to push my limits. Also, my family drives me to be the best I can be in prone paddleboarding.

Greatest personal accomplishment, in your sport or in life:
Winning my age group at Molokai2Oahu in 2018.

Goal(s) for the future:
To win 1st place overall at Molokai2Oahu.

When do you fuel?
I usually eat Honey Stinger before and after racing because they give me the stamina needed during longer races.

Favorite place or race you have ever trained or competed and why:
My favorite race is Molokai2Oahu, a race from Molokai Island to Oahu Island. It offers some of the most difficult channels in the world to race in. I like the challenge of traveling by paddleboard from island to another island instead of by boat or airplane.

Place or event on your bucket list and why:
Teahupoo, Tahiti, because it has the world’s best and most beautiful barrel, which I can do tube riding while surfing.

Pieces of advice you have learned over the years and would like to pass on:
Always warm up before a race. When you warm-up, treat it like you are racing and then take a few minutes to rest before race starts. 

What is your profession (if not your sport)?
Substitute teaching

Favorite non sport-related hobby/activity and why?
I enjoy reading Japanese comics because their stories are new and fantastic.

Favorite Honey Stinger product and flavor:
Salted Caramel Gluten Free Organic Waffle

Keep up with Trey… 
Facebook: Trey Balding
Instagram: crazytr3y & 2deafpaddlers