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2019 Hive Program FAQ

It’s that time of year! Fall has arrived and we are gearing up for the 2019 season. We are excited to open the Hive for another year and continue to grow our Honey Stinger family. To find out more about the Hive and if you’d be a good fit, keep reading!

What is the Hive?
We built our grassroots sponsorship and ambassador program, the Honey Stinger Hive, for athletes and adventurers of all types. We currently have two Hive program categories:

Hive Elite: Built for athletes competing at the top level of their sport and producing top results.
Hive Ambassador: Perfect for everyone from the weekend warrior to the avid PR chaser and beyond.

Which Hive program is right for me?
Take a look at our sponsorship page for specific program requirements here. Please submit only one application. If you are not accepted into the Elite program, you will be considered for the Ambassador program. While applying to the Hive does not guarantee you a spot in our program, we do our best to closely evaluate all applications and place athletes accordingly. Decisions are based on a variety of factors such as results, social influence, brand engagement, community involvement and leadership.

What do Hive athletes have in common?
Regardless of sport or competition level, we believe all Hive athletes display motivation and enthusiasm while personifying Honey Stinger through their daily lives, sports, and community. Hive athletes care about their nutrition as well as their desire to represent Honey Stinger’s mission and values. Most importantly, Hive athletes enjoy using Honey Stinger products to fuel their adventures!

When can I apply to the Hive?
The 2019 applications open on October 1st.

Hive Elite: Applications must be submitted before December 1st.
Hive Ambassador: Applications will be reviewed throughout the year.

If I was in the Hive for 2018, do I need to reapply?

Hive Elite Athletes: Please reapply between October 1st and December 1st to be considered for 2019.
Hive Ambassadors Members: No need to reapply! Your Ambassador status and benefits will automatically roll over into the 2019 season.

Not a Hive member in 2018? We hope to see you apply this year!

How long does it take for you to review my application?
We review Hive applications in the order they are received. Please be patient, depending on our application volume, it may take several weeks before we get back to you. All applicants receive notification of whether or not they have been accepted into the Hive.

What are the perks to being in the Hive?
Hive athletes receive exclusive discounts on product as well as comp race entries, are eligible for promos/giveaways, have access to our online Hive community, have the opportunity to participate in virtual events and Hive meetups, and more!

Where to apply
Hive Online Application

Stay in touch!
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